Creating Competitive Businesses Of The Future Through More Than Just Funding

We are a diversified Start-up Development, Investment Holding and Consulting Group creating and building exciting, scaleable and sustainable businesses through innovation, creativity, strategy, investments and capacity building.

Using Innovation, Creativity, Strategy, Investments and Capacity Building To Sustainably Grow and Compete In Different Sectors and Industries

We build long-term businesses that scale using the five pillars of innovation, creativity, strategy, investments and capacity building. These pillars allow us to manage and control costs, to create unique and fulfilling offerings for our customers and to be ahead of the customer satisfaction line. We find creative ways to connect with markets in wide geographies and to communicate with potential and existing clients. We build long-lasting relationships through unique customer-centric approaches and high standards. We employ a broad diversity of minds and skills to allow us to play across the business divide, dabbling in different industries and lines to create tangible differences in areas of long term opportunity.

Start-up Development, Equity Investments & Capacity Building

Education, Personal Development & Training

Property Design, Construction, Renovations & Maintenance

Fashion, Furniture & Lifestyle

Mineral & Grain Transport & Logistics

Insurance & Risk Management

Some of Our Group Companies

We have a strong mix of businesses that we have built and continue to grow. Here are some of our entities...

Founder's Statement

"Being famous doesn't mean being successful. Sometimes the best thing that God can do for you is to hide you."

Your mindset is more important than your skills. You win or lose in the mind so you really want to do a lot of work there. Start small, but think big, dream big and work big."

Desmond Mapfumo - Founder & Executive Chairman, Rebirth Group